WFG Wirtschaftsförderung - Jade InnovationsZentrum

Our Laboratories

The Jade InnovationCenter provides resident companies as well as external users excellent laboratory spaces on reasonable conditions:

  • Laboratory in the Jade InnovationCenterFloor space between 15 und 35 square meters
  • air conditioned
  • non-equipped or with state-of-the-art equipment
  • security level I, gradable to level II
  • charges: € 8,50 through € 9,50 per square meter per month (plus running costs)

The specialties of the Jade InnovationCenter are service laboratories with considerable high-qual¬ity instrumentation. In addition, a fully equipped laboratory scullery is provided:

  • Laboratories Jade InnovationCenterLaboratories with high-quality instrumentation for microbiology, molecu¬lar-biological as well as chemical and analytical survey and Research
  • Fully equipped laboratory scullery
  • Rentable for hours, days and extended periods, available for external users also
  • inquire on charges

You are interested? We look forward hearing from you.

Dr. Monika Michaelsen
Stadt Wilhelmshaven
Fachbereich Wirtschaft und Regionalmanagement
Phone: +49 (0)4421 / 50 66 4-24