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Welcome to
Jade InnovationCenter

You are an innovative enterprise?
You are a Start-Up company?
You like to settle in Wilhelmshaven?

The Jade InnovationCenter is an excellent address creating a superior en­vi­ron­ment for small and medium-sized companies. The center provides a potent lo­ca­tion for networking and communication with special flair and connects science and economy.

In the Jade InnovationCenter you will find offices, laboratories, a laboratory scul­lery and an attractive conference room embedded in a comprehensive infra­struc­ture offered at favourable conditions. As special service, the center offers labo­ra­to­ries equipped with instruments for microbiological, molecular-biological as well as chemical and analytical survey and research. For more information please click here.

If you need guide and information to create and start your own company please also contact us.

Main focuses of the Jade InnovationCenter are enterprises with core com­pe­ten­cies in maritime, medical, technical and biotechnological industries as well as natural science. Especially welcome are also start-ups as well as established enterprises featuring different and innovative disciplines.

The way to us: our detailed directions or via Google Maps.

  The Jade InnovationCenter is promoted by the European Foundation for regional Development and the federal state of Lower Saxony. European Union Flag