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Location Wilhelmshaven

The city of Wilhelmshaven with approx. 76.000 citizens is located on Lower Sax­o­nys North Sea coast in the northwestern part of Germany near the Wadden See and the UNESCO world natural heritage, characterized by a unique mixture of eco­nomic potential and cultural life. Besides its maritime flair and fresh sea air the city offers a comfortable place to live with good recreational facilities. Besides at­trac­tive industrial real estate Wilhelmshaven offers highly qualified personnel on moderate salary conditions and also moderate infrastructural costs. Additionally, Wilhelmshaven offers well-price living spaces as well as ambitious apartments and houses.
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke in Wilhelmshaven     Lachmöwe     Stadt Wilhelmshaven - Bontekai     

The business and industrial location Wilhelmshaven features marine sectors, in­dustry - mainly chemical and food industry - as well as the strongly represented sea port and maritime technologies. Trade, logistics and supply of services are important parts of the Wilhelmshaven economy. Wilhelmshaven is the biggest location of the German Marines

Containerschiff JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven
An essential component for developing the north­western region is the maritime economy. Through realization of the JadeWeserPort the sea port Wil­helmshaven rises to an internationally recognized trading point with impact on the whole north­west­ern area of Germany. 
Located in Wilhelmshaven are the Jade Applied University, with for example the fac-ulty of Marine Technology, as well as other institutes for science and research which results in a high potential of innovations. The next strategically step of the University of Oldenburg in cooperation with the Jade Applied University is a Cen­ter for Marine Technologies planned to be built on Banter Seepark in the South of the City.